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The Trusted Commerce Ecosystem

Making All Business Local 1st

Anybody can create a data-driven mobile business for free in 30 minutes.

The Trusted Commerce Ecosystem

Build Your Brand with ReVyvvNet

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Anybody can create and run their own business for free.

The Trusted Commerce Difference

A customer first platform that makes local business the first choice.

Where customers know their sellers and businesses knows their customers.

Anybody can use this free full-service platform to create a digital business, no technical skills required.

Everyone has the choice to keep business local, supporting their communities by growing local revenue.

Creating trust with customers in a verified, secure and private platform that serves their interests.

Earning the trust of local business with AI driven customer-product matching that reduces prices without reducing revenue.

Helping businesses grow revenue with the right business model - Pay Less as You Grow - reduces cost per transaction.

Getting started with ReVyvvNet is Free.

Our Platform


Create a data-driven mobile business in 30 minutes. No technical skills or investment required.

ReVyvvNet Gives People a Smart – Local 1st – Way to Buy and Sell.

Trusted Commerce Ecosystem

Everyone Benefits from the Data in a Trusted Commerce Ecosystem.

Data improves and AI learns, becoming smarter every day and increasing the value of Trusted Commerce for all.

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